2014 Tournament  
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All of the teams and results here are for the 2014 pool. Come back after the teams are announced on Selection Sunday (but before the tournament begins) to make your picks. It's going to be another great pool and we're looking forward to you joining in the fun for a great cause.

Congratulations to the Huskies of Connecticut. The top four finishers in this year's pool are Philip Schriver with 287 points ($3,940), Mike H with 278 points ($1,970), Rob Paliotta 1 with 271 points ($1,182) and Fred Israel with 269 points ($788). The high pick percentage prize ($100) goes to Michael DiPrimo

Congratulations to Jack Donahue as well. Jack is the only player to have a team in tonight's final game. Unfortunatley it won't be enough to finish in the money with Connecticut's win but he has bragging rights!

Also thanks to everyone that paid their entry fees. We received four out of the five outstanding entry fees today and I heard from the sole outstanding entry during the game so we are 100%! Thanks!!

A sincere thank you to everyone that entered this year's pool. I hope you had some fun and enjoyed yourselves. Thanks for supporting a great cause. The Sunshine Kids donation will total almost $3,000 between the 20% from the entry fees and additionall donations. This money is going to be put to good use providing some great experiences for children going through cancer treatments in hospitals across the United States.

The NFL Football Season will be here before you know it. Watch for emails about the Sunshine Kids Survivor Pool.

Have a great summer everyone!
This years pool is underway. Please get your entry fees in asap.

Checks should be made payable to Mike Del Duca and mailed to 83 Ryder Way, New Providence, NJ 07974. Please get your entry fees in as quickly as possible. The deadline is Wednesday, March 26. Entries not paid by the deadline are at risk of being removed from the pool.

Scoring is as follows:

You will receive points for each correct game winner you choose. The number of points will be calculated as follows:
Round 1 win - 1pts
Round 2 win - 2pts
Round 3 win - 4pts
Round 4 win - 8pts
Round 5 win - 16pts
Pick Champion - 32pts

If you get a pick correct you will also be awarded additional points equal to the winning teams Seed#.

For Example:

You pick a #1 Seed to beat a #16 Seed in Rd 1. You would receive 2pts (1pt for the Rd 1 win + 1pt for the Seed#)
You pick a #9 Seed to beat a #8 Seed in Rd 1. You would receive 10pts (1pt for the Rd 1 win + 9pts for the Seed#)
You pick an #11 Seed to beat a #4 Seed in Rd 2. You would receive 13pts (2pts for the Rd 2 win + 11pts for the Seed#)
You pick a #10 Seed to beat a #3 Seed in Rd 3. You would receive 14pts (4pts for the Rd 3 win + 10pts for the Seed#)
You pick a #11 Seed to beat a #1 Seed in Rd 4. You would receive 19pts (8pt for the Rd 4 win + 11pt for the Seed#)
You pick a #1 Seed to beat a #1 Seed in Rd 5. You would receive 17pts (16pt for the Rd 5 win + 1pt for the Seed#)

If you have any questions please contact the Pool Administrator
Good news!! Four out out of the five unpaid entries paid up today. We now have paid 399 out of 400 entries or 99.5%

Based on the 39 paid entries the prizes are as follows:

Gross entry fees paid: $$9,975.00

20% donated to the Sunshine Kids Foundation - $1,995.00

Net Prize money - $7,980.00

First Place = 50% of the collected prize money - $3,940.00
Second Place = 25% of the collected prize money - $1,970.00
Third Place = 15% of the collected prize money - $1,182.00
Fourth Place = 10% of the collected prize money - $788.00

$100 will be paid to the player with the highest pick percentage.  The first through fourth place finishers are not eligible for the highest pick percentage prize.

The lone unpaid entry is Theresa McElroy has not returned any phone calls or emails.
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